Local Holiday Villa Lanzarote information

Lanzarote Hospital Bank Cash Information for Tourists on Lanzarote


Lanzarote Hospital: Is in Arrecife. It has a 24 hour A&E accident and emergency service on Lanzaorote. Take the LZ2 road towards Arrecife. It is signposted off of the Circunvalation Road which runs on the outskirts of Arrecife.


Dentists / Pharmacies on Lanzarote.  There is a dentist and a pharmacy in Tias. Dentist is on the right, on the one way road down the hill as you down into Tias from Macher. Limited opening hours. The pharmacy in Tias has varying opening hours.


ATM  / Cash Machines on Lanzarote. There are many ATM’s on Lanzarote to obtain Euros. The nearest ATM’s on Lanzarote are in Tias. One is located at the front of the supermarket, or, just opposite, there is a cash machine inside the La Caixa bank. Although the bank itself may be closed, go through the outer door into an inner room and the touch screen cash machine is inside. Another local machine is in the petrol station in Macher on the LZ2 road.


Lanzarote Fiestas: Most of the villages on the island have annual ‘Fiestas’ (street parties). This can occasionally cause traffic congestion in the village as many of the roads will be closed at Fiesta times. The Fiestas are typically in August but they can take place at other times of the year. Ad hoc religious festivals on Lanzarote can also mean that the shops in a particular village of Lanzarote might be closed on that particular day.


Car Parking on Lanzarote: In the busy tourist areas of Lanzarote, especially Puerto Del Carmen and the Old Town Harbour area ensure you park your car sensibly and in an appropriate place. Do not park outside of the designated parking areas as cars are often towed away with a fine of €100+, if towed away. Lanzarote Police Spanish Guardia Civil check regularly on drivers for seat belts and alcohol consumption. Checks are extensive and 24/7 on Lanzarote.


ALL DRIVERS must ENSURE seat belts are worn at all times. No child under age 12 years is permitted to travel in the front seat of any car in Spain. 

Villa Penas Blancas advises strongly that all tourists, residents, and all other persons / drivers respect all Spanish Laws at all times.