Holiday Villa Lanzarote weather

Weather on Lanzarote:

Villa benefits from the usually warm & sunny weather due to the micro climate and its location in Macher in the southern part of Lanzarote. 

Lanzarote typically enjoys sunshine for over 300 days per year. Temperatures are usually 23-28 degrees c, (February to November) and there is often a gentle breeze. 

Temperatures can be very hot in the summer months (May to August). 35 degrees c, occasionally but that’s exceptional. If the sirocco wind is blowing from the east from Africa and the Sahara, temperatures can reach 40°C+. Locals refer to this phenomenon as ‘Calima’ or ‘Tiempo Africano’. The sirocco might occasionally cause sandstorms.

Temperatures are cooler (mid 60’s) November to March but the sun when shining can make it very warm. There is usually a nice and often welcomed cooling breeze. Lanzarote can be windy. It’s advisable to take a light jumper / jacket if going out in the evenings. This will definitely be required in the September to May period. 

Rainfall is rare but it does occasionally rain and some days often start with cloud, though typically the clouds clear - but not always. It’s worth remembering that all the Canary Islands are in the Atlantic Ocean, with an associated harsh, dry & often very unpredictable climate. Lanzarote is an island of paradoxes; Balmy sunsets one day, very hot the next day.