Arrecife Airport

Lanzarote Arrecife (ACE) airport.

Lanzarote (ACE) Airport Information:

Villa Penas Blancas is 10 mins drive from airport and located off the LZ-2 road IN Macher, beyond the village of Tias in the north west of this photo. 

Lanzarote Arrecife (ACE) is Lanzarote’s sole airport, located on Lanzarote’s south eastern coast between the tourist destination of Puerto Del Carmen and the Capital City Arrecife. 

There are usually taxis to meet all incoming flight arrivals at Arrecife Airport.  Lanzarote (ACE) Arrecife Airport is spacious, modern and air conditioned, with local Spanish and international car hire rental companies on site. If an inbound flight to Lanzarote is delayed, the car hire companies on Lanzarote will usually stay open until the inbound flight arrives.  Baggage reclaim at Arrecife Airport is usually without fuss. Arrecife airport usually works well. There is car parking on site within an easy walk to the terminal. Disabled persons will be treated with respect and priority by helpful local Spanish and international staff.  

Departing travellers from Lanzarote Arrecife Airport will usually depart the island by air. In the Check-In zone of Arrecife Airport look for your flight on the display boards. Typically there will be 2 or 3 check in desks for each departing flight. There may often be queues as all travellers returning home, typically arrive for check-in at the same time i.e. exactly 2 hours before departure. Check in; then go through the security and into the main Departures Area where there are cafés/restaurants, (Burger King & others), several bars and a range of shops in this area plus outside roof terraces for cigarette smokers.

As at all airports, you must present your Flight Boarding Card if buying goods or souveniers of Lanzarote from the airport shops. Travellers should observe the departure TV screens for the Departures Gate of your flight as flights often board from Arrecife Airport only 10 or 15 minutes before their scheduled departure time.