Holiday Villa Lanzarote village

Fundacion Cesar Manrique  is in the village of Tahiche. 

The Fundacion is a museum dedicated to Cesar Manrique, a world famous  architect and possibly the most important person who influenced how Lanzarote ‘looks & feels’ today. 

Manrique was a painter, designer, architect and ‘champion’ of keeping Lanzarote unspoilt. Open daytime only. The house and grounds, both now museums, are sunk into the volcanic landscape. Allow 2 hours for the tour of the site. He was responsible for many of the unusual monuments on the islands roundabouts and also created and designed many if not all of the islands special features, including Los Jameos Del Agua, the water caves in the north. An appreciation of Cesar Manrique and his wacky designs, paintings motivations and inspirations, lends a lot to one’s knowledge of the architecture and ‘style’ of Lanzarote. Manrique was the ‘main man, tragically killed in a car accident near to his house on a Tahiche road junction in September 1992. 

The Fundacion will appeal to those seeking an understanding and appreciation of the architecture of Lanzarote and why there are so very few high rise developments on the Island.  See: